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Field Day 2005

This year we were at the Hawaiian Acres Community center.

Ken Brown N6KB was Field Day chairman for the second year in a row, hopefully will do it again in 2006. His dedication and effort have made our Field Day a great success.

For 2005, we had a two transmitter site, 100 watt maximum running on alternate (generator) power, placing us in the 2A class.

The SSB station was a Kenwood .... and the CW station was a ... We also made a few contacts on 2 meters, but it wasn't manned much of the time.

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Lloyd KH6LC Operating CW

Bob AH6J on far left, Ken Brown N6KB next, Mary Brown K6FK Logging, Barbara NH7FY Operating SSB

Triband Antenna 1, end of parking lot

Satellite Antenna on tripod, awaiting some action

Another view of Satellite Antenna on tripod, Triband beam 1 tower in background

Triband Antenna 2, tied to swing set

Hawaiian Acres Community Center at left, Triband Antenna 2 on right

Feed point of the Inverted Vee antenna

Early in the day with a few of the cars in front of the Community Center

Club Mascot Benjamin. He does this a LOT...

Bob AH6J on left, Sidney NH7OD in the middle, and Rick WH6FC on the right, all getting ready to go satellite hunting

More satellite hunters talking about the antennas

More satellite hunters talking about the antennas

Sidney NH7OD has something in his sights, but it's awfully low for a Satellite...

Rick WH6FC: I think I've got it!

Larry WB0RQL and Sidney NH7OD

Why is only one person looking the other way?

Robert NH6AH sending the second of our messages, this time on SSB

Lloyd KH6LC Still working CW

Gloria Whiteley, Associate, made sure nobody died of starvation.

The beam antennas from the other end of the Community Center

Lloyd KH6LC operating, Harry KH6FKG logging, Doris KH6ER standing by

Chuck AH6SC, Sidney NH7OD and Bill KH7E

Barbara NH7FY Operating SSB in background, Richard AH7G Logging in foreground

Some of the Guys passing time outside

Our trusty source of power, Generator supplied by Eddie W7GMH

Lloyd KH6LC STILL Operating CW and logging (he did that a LOT during the day) while Harry KH6FKG lends a hand

Rick WH6FC and Ken KH7ZJ

Hawaiian Acres Center, Front

Ron AH6HN left, and Bob AH6J on the right

Rick, AH7H Operating SSB on left, Larry WB0RQL on the right Logging.

Lloyd KH6LC at Notebook, Sean NH7SA observing on the right, Ken Brown N6KB in background.

Bob AH6J, Irene NH7PE, (one of our new Generals as of Field Day) and Ron AH6HN

Barbara NH7FY, and Don NH6WW

Bill NH7RQ

Radio informational Display

Ed NH6HT, and Richard AH7G

Gloria, and Bob AH6J

Hi-Beam Antenna

Josh NH7SW, and Sean NH7SA

Kay and Earl Laver NH7XK (one of our new Generals as of Field Day) and Ed

Lo-Beam Antenna

Mary K6FK and KEN N6KB

Rick AH7H and Larry WB0RQL

Rick WH6FC

Sally WH6CYU and Chris WH6DCC.

Sidney NH7OD

Sidney NH7OD and Bob AH6J

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